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Finders Keepers 21

28 March 2016

Magnetic bookmarks are great. But you find your place better if you use them properly. Open them and put them OVER the page, as in, the one magnet part goes on one side of your page, and the other magnet part goes on the other side. They aren’t quite as effective – especially when they are small ones like this – when buried deep in the page gutters.

No, it isn't my fault. The book IS boring.

No, it isn’t my fault. The book IS boring.


Finders Keepers 19

22 March 2016

Now this lovely little bookmark really does have a story to tell. It is hand painted on silk, I think in the first half of the Nineteenth Century. Someone took a lot of trouble to make this special gift, I think.

Greek bkmk

Finders Keepers 15

10 March 2016

I don't think the threads are real silver, but they are certainly metallic.
Now here’s a little piece of Canadiana. This bookmark was made to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Winnipeg outlet of one of Canada’s two most famous department stores, the Timothy Eaton Company. Eaton’s was a pioneer in the Canadian catalogue sales industry. My Dad used to tell me how his winter boots would be ordered from them when he was a boy (during this first 25 years, too!). They never fit properly and his pinched feet were still cold as a result. This Winnipeg store was probably the closest to his home in Maryfield, Saskatchewan, and the base for the catalogue operations. I shopped there, too, from time to time, right up to the Canadian retail giant’s closure in 1999. The Eaton’s building was torn down to accommodate the building of the MTS Centre.
I don’t think the threads are real silver, but they are certainly metallic.

Finders Keepers 12

2 March 2016 1 Comment

Here’s something a little more recent.

This will warm up a winter day!

This will warm up a winter day!

Finders Keepers 10

25 February 2016

I would be happy to return this memento to the winner, who must have gone to some effort to win it:

Prize Ribbon1
Prize Ribbon 2

Finders Keepers 9

21 February 2016

Remember I wrote a blog involving the Fife family not long ago? They keep coming up. And not just because I’m dealing with that lot of books I bought from their library….

The Fife Hardware really was one of Kenora’s institutions. But they weren’t the only hardware in town. This little item came from a book that came from the shelves of a descendant of one of the ‘rival’ hardware families, the Lindstroms (of Lindstrom & Nilson). And it brings an interesting question to my mind: How did this fellow happen to get a (then) new and unused envelope from the competition?

Never mind. It made for a good bookmark!

Fife env

Finders Keepers 8

19 February 2016

It isn't unusual to use whatever slip of paper is at hand...

It isn’t unusual to use whatever slip of paper is at hand…


...but sometimes that slip of paper has an unusual story of its own to tell!

…but sometimes that slip of paper has an unusual story of its own to tell!

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Border Security!

Now Here’s an Idea I Like!

6 March 2010

Just yesterday I posted a photo of one of my Armchair Traveller Magnetic Bookmark line to my ArtFire site. It was of the lonely phonebooth in Strath Oykel, Ross, Scotland. I bemoaned the fact that these iconic British forms of archetecture are now being removed from the landscape forever!

But maybe not…

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Apparently, there are others who share my sentiment, and who have found a creative use for them. And it’s a use that really jives with my bookish sense of the world, too! See & read more!!