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Finders Keepers 17

16 March 2016

A humorous postcard that might be better hidden in a book for all eternity. Oh! and there’s a note on the back…

Hot Meals PC mini


Hot Meals verso mini

Finders Keepers 11

27 February 2016

Look at this beautiful scene! One of my favourite finds in books is old post cards.

This one is so beautiful. It's an odd size, too.

Especially if there’s a letter to read on the other side. This one was sent in 1913.

Teepees Postcard back

Why was it such a hard pull? Was Tanner operating a railway jigger (that’s only half a joke)? Or was this an emotional pull?

Is this a descendant of ‘The Falcon’, this E Tanner?

Did Tanner live in Carberry, or was the little village another stop on a longer journey?

So many questions…

Finders Keepers 2 – Castaway

20 January 2016

Dear Shipmate:
Re: Polynesia
Enclosed herewith is check in the amount of $250. which is being refunded to you and represents your deposit for a Deck Cabin aboard the Polynesia for the cruise of March 9, 1982.
By the time we received your deposit for a Deck Cabin, we had already received deposits for these accommodations.
We are sorry that you are not cruising with us as planned, but we do look forward to your Windjammin’ with us at some future date.